Benaras Gharana Baccha (Children) Project"

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Gharana is a traditional style and way of teaching and performing Indian classical music. This style is many hundreds of years old and has been passed from master to student, from generation to generation. There are many Gharanas or styles, one of the most prominent ones being the Benaras Gharana. It is also called Varanasi Gharana. Over the years, the Benaras Gharana has produced many outstanding vocal, instrumental and dance performers.Like many traditions, this method of performing music and the great Indian cultural heritage, in general, have been threatened due to the lack of dedicated teachers and students.


The Guru (teacher)-Shishya (student) relationship which was the hallmark of this system is breaking down. If this tradition is not maintained, very soon it might exist only in textbooks. Pandit Shivnath Mishra and his family have descended from a highly talented musical lineage of Benaras Gharana going back several generations. In order to preserve this heritage, so precious to India, and make it accessible to children, Pt. Mishra and his family decided to create the Benaras Gharana Baccha ( The Children's Project).


The aim of the Academy is to:
1. Establish a school for the teaching of Indian Classical music in the traditional Benaras Gharana style;
2. Provide scholarships to children to assist them in their learning of this musical style;
3. Create opportunities for students and young artists to develop their potential through study and

4. Provide right livelihood for qualified and dedicated teachers.

For this purpose, the Mishra family purchased land in Benares on which to build a residential music school. The construction of the building took around three years to be completed and now the Academy is a well-structured place to receive students from all over the world.

For foreign students, who are committed to studying seriously, the Academy opens its doors providing them with all facilities needed such as a proper music hall, nice rooms with or without toilet attached, spacious kitchen, mineral water filter and dining room, apart from a safe and peaceful atmosphere. Moreover, it is located five minutes walk from the Ganga River. For further studying information, please click here

This is a long-term and ongoing project. Your financial assistance and creative participation is most welcomed and appreciated.The Academy is registered as a charitable non-profit society under number V23536-2000.

Donations may be sent to:

Academy of Indian Classical Music
Bank of India,
Varanasi. Main Branch. (U.P. India)
Account No. 26526

Head office address:
D-44/182 Ramapura Varanasi - 221001 (U.P. India)
Tel/Fax : 0091-542-2455672

Academy’s building address:

B. 2/215 - S- Bhadaini Varanasi India.

Tel :0091-542-2311207